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Drake’s New Topszn Regime: What Does It Mean?

by on January 5, 2014

As said in a previous post, Drake was named one of the most influential men of 2013. He’s influenced many with the annual OVO Fest‘s he puts on in his city every year, the artful & highly skilled singles, albums & features we get from him every year, and now with his more noticeable Topszn regime shown among his crew.

Topszn (pronounced ‘top season’) has been represented by Johnny Manziel, a Texas A&M Aggies College football team player who does the related hand gesture whenever he scores a touchdown. Manziel is a huge fan of Drake’s music and even spent time with the rapper the off-season which he called the highlight of that period. The quarter back even got a tattoo of ‘OVO’ on his wrist in dedication to Drake’s crew.Johnny Manziel Topszn hand sign

The Definition:

As far as we know, the whole topszn regime movement is simply a celebration of victory. It also serves as a way to unify the guys associated with the whole OVOXO movement as they do it everytime they get together just to heighten the mood a little. As an example take a look at this vid with OB O’Brien & Riff Raff:


There also seems to be some confirmation the sign is to do with money as shown in Drake’s crew member OB O’Brien’s music video “I Don’t Like“:

OB O'Brien don't like money gesture

The hand gesture was also done in the skit for Drake’s extended video for ‘Worst Behavior’. The hand gesture is also more obviously noted in the closing moments of the video for Drake’s 2013 hit single “Started From The Bottom”. It kind of represents victory in more ways than one…

Grammy Celebrations


Topszn is also a strain of weed Drake’s crew members OVO Ryan and OB O’Brien like to smoke. OB O’Brien even posted this on his Instagram

Topszn weed

So now you understand what Topszn is about, all because of us. If you would like to purchase any Topszn merchandise click here…or just ask Drizzy.

  • Jules

    Manziel is not a NFL player yet … The A&M Aggies are a college football team …

    • Swarve Men Magazine

      Jules, we stand corrected. Thanks man.